California Unemployment Hits 11.6%

It’s the top story on the LA Times website, and it’s damn depressing:

California’s unemployment rate leveled off at a post-World War II record high of 11.6% in June, but the state’s economy still shed another 66,500 jobs during the month.

Unemployment in the state was far higher than the current 9.5% national rate and ranked sixth in the country after Michigan, Rhode Island, Oregon, South Carolina and Nevada. Sixteen states reported rates last month of 10% or more.

“The layoffs are spreading throughout the California economy,” said Sung Won Sohn, an economics professor at Cal State Channel Islands. “I don’t see this ending any time soon.”

Los Angeles County saw an unemployment rate of 11.3% in June, slightly better than May’s 11.6% rate. The region has lost 188,300 jobs since June of 2008.

On the upside, there’s a nifty little interactive graph about halfway through the story.