California Press Reacts to Federal Medical Marijuana Crackdown

Last week we told you about how Obama’s U.S. attorneys were not only threatening to crack down on medical marijuana dispensaries, they were threatening to prosecute media companies that ran ads for those dispensaries. Which, in California, means just about every media entity in the state. But some are more dependent than others–especially the alt-weeklies. News & Review company CEO and owner Jeff vonKaenel wrote a piece in the Sacramento News & Review about how he’s freaking out over a potential knock on the door from U.S. attorneys.

I never would have thought the federal government would prosecute a media owner who allowed a state-sanctioned business to advertise. And I was not alone. Other much larger media corporations with bushels of lawyers on staff, such as The McClatchy Co., which publishes The Sacramento Bee; the Tribune Company, which owns Fox40; and local billboard and radio companies were in the same boat.

Unfortunately, what I thought about it might not even matter. Government attorneys have the power to destroy lives and businesses. They may not always win their cases, but going to court is so expensive and time consuming, that it is often the same as a loss…

U.S. attorneys are considering going after local media who carry ads from medical-marijuana dispensaries, even though these dispensaries are legal in California. This doesn’t seem to make sense, but there’s a lot that doesn’t make sense these days.

VonKaenel thinks the Obama administration may very well decide to devastate California media. It recently forced Google to pay $500 million for running ads from discount Canadian pharmaceutical companies.

Again, Obama refuses to go after the financial industry who collapsed the global economy, but he has no problem breaking out the tough guy stick for everyone else. Just ask Gaddafi.

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