California Gays Punched Again This Month

By now you have heard that in the line-up of next month’s inauguration, evangelical light-on-facts preacher Rick Warren has been tapped to do Barack Obama’s invocation.

So last month, gay couples had their rights taken away and now one of the champions for taking away those rights is going to give the prayer at the swearing in ceremony for our new president? Ouch.

Warren thinks that marriage has been the same for the past 5000 years. Marriage hasn’t even been the same for the past 50 years…so we have no idea what he’s talking about. And anyway, “That’s how they did it in the Dark Ages,” is hardly a selling point.

Wrong side of history indeed.

Is the KKK going to be invited too – since we’re being all-inclusive?

Seriously, Rick Warren can purposefully drive off a cliff.

Anyway, LA Weekly’s Patrick Range McDonald Don’t Call Him A Blogger, has written about when he asked the then Senator Obama about just this issue. McDonald writes:

Obama then walked into the kitchen. We made eye contact, and the senator walked straight towards me with his hand extended. I shook it and immediately said, “Hello, Senator, I’m gay.” He nodded. Then I asked him that during his outreach to people of faith, I hoped he would also meet with gay and lesbian pastors and their congregants.

Obama, to his credit, didn’t squirm away. He stood still and looked at me straight in the eyes. Then he tapped me on the chest and said when he visited churches, he made a point of telling people that homophobia had to stop.

“Yes,” I replied, “but…”

Obama cut me off.

“But you’re right,” he said, “I need to do more.”

“I certainly hope you will,” I said.

Then he walked off.

Anytime now, dude. Anytime.