California Dreaming? 7-inch LCD Apple Tablet Announcement on Jan. 26, 2010? We’ll See

OK, I give up. I’m going to talk about Apple tablet rumors again. But, there’s seems to be more to it now. Here’s what’s out there…

Financial Times (FT): Exclusive: Apple to host event in January

Silicon Alley Insider (SAI): Apple To Demo Tablet In January, Asks Developers To Get Apps Ready

Boy Genius Report (BGR): Apple tablet definitely coming in 7″ size?

And, here’s what they’re saying:

– FT: Apple rented Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco for a January 26 announcement.
– SAI: Select iPhone developers have been told to enable apps for “full screen resolution” (no description of what this means) instead of the iPhone’s 320×480 pixel resolution.
– SAI: The tablet will NOT be available at the time of the announcement.
– BGR: Older rumors had the mythical Apple tablet pegged with a 10-inch LCD display. Current rumor points to 7-inch display. I’m hoping for a more transportable 7-inch display device.

So, we may see the Nexus One (Google Phone) on January 6 and an Apple tablet 20 days later. January 2010 should be an interesting month if both of these rumors turn out to be true.