Calibre 0.8.0 Now Available

Kovid Goyal has just released the next major update to calibre, the best free eBook management on the market.

While this release does not add any new features itself, it still marks a major milestone in the development road map of calibre. There have been a significant changes to calibre in the year or so since v0.7.0 was first released.

New features include: Get Books, which helps you use calibre to find and download eBooks from many sites on the web; Open Books, a new website that tracks sources of DRM free eBooks; and vast increase in the number of devices supported by calibre.

There have also been a number of less obvious improvements including an improved plug-in system, which lets users develop and share their own extensions, several minor tweaks to the eBook viewer app, interface improvements, changes to the library management, and many others.

Calibre is an open source eBook library app which runs on OSX, Windows, and Linux. It supports conversion to and from most major eBook formats and supports dozens of eReaders – virtually everything on the market. You can find out more about calibre here.