Calendars, Quizzes, Spotify, Christmas, The Independent and More on This Week’s Top 20 Growing Facebook Apps by MAU

Calendar applications were popular on our list of apps growing by monthly active users this week. There were also some quiz apps, Spotify, a Christmas app, The Independent newspaper, photos, tabs and JibJab. The titles on our list gained the most MAU of any apps on the platform, growing from between 440,000 and 15.3 million MAU, based on AppData, our data tracking service covering traffic growth for apps on Facebook.

Top Gainers This Week

1.  MyCalendar – Birthdays31,700,000+15,300,000+93%
2.  MiCalendario – Cumpleaños 11,200,000+7,700,000+220%
3.  CastleVille31,600,000+7,400,000+31%
4.  21 Preguntas3,500,000+3,230,000+1,196%
5.  我的日历 – 生日4,600,000+2,000,000+77%
6.  Il Mio Calendario – Compleanni2,300,000+1,940,000+539%
7.  21 Perguntas3,400,000+1,700,000+100%
8.  MonCalendrier – Anniversaires3,300,000+900,000+38%
9.  Xbox LIVE2,000,000+700,000+54%
10.  Takvimime700,000+699,700+233,233%
11.  Bubble Witch Saga9,600,000+600,000+7%
12.  Spotify10,000,000+600,000+6%
13.  FarmVille31,400,000+500,000+2%
14.  JibJab2,200,000+500,000+38%
15.  Mis Fotos3,800,000+500,000+15%
16.  Static HTML Iframe Tab : Custom Icons3,800,000+500,000+15%
17.  The Independent3,000,000+500,000+20%
18.  Words With Friends12,900,000+500,000+4%
19.  Gem Rush900,000+460,000+105%
20.  Merry Christmas | Feliz Navidad700,000+440,000+169%

Calendar apps on the list included: MyCalendar – Birthdays with 15.3 million MAU, MiCalendario – Cumpleaños with 7.7 million MAU, 我的日历 – 生日 with 2 million MAU, Il Mio Calendario – Compleanni with 1.9 million MAU, MonCalendrier – Anniversaires with 900,000 MAU and Takvimime with 699,700 MAU. These apps allow users to create a customized birthday calendar with friends’ birthdays, but first must invite others to use the app.

Then there were two quiz apps on the list, 21 Preguntas with 3.2 million MAU and 21 Perguntas with 1.7 million MAU.

Other apps included Spotify with 600,000 MAU, JibJab with 500,000 MAU and Mis Fotos with 500,000 MAU also, this app generates feed stories when users interact with friends’ photos. Tab app Static HTML Iframe Tab : Custom Icons grew by 500,000 MAU, newspaper app The Independent grew by 500,000 MAU and Merry Christmas | Feliz Navidad with 440,000 MAU publishes a photo with a user’s friends as ornaments, tagging them and also publishing a feed story.

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Stay tuned for our look at the top weekly gainers by daily active users on Wednesday, and the top emerging apps on Friday.