Calatrava’s World Trade Center Plans Scaled Back


Proof that the reconstruction behind the new World Trade Center site is like architecture’s version of the Martin Luther King Memorial troubles, it was announced late yesterday that Santiago Calatrava‘s contribution to the site are being scaled back, thus adding to the many changes involved with nearly everyone involved with the project. In an effort to bring the project back within more feasible budget ranges (by dropping the building cost by a reported hundreds of millions of dollars), the city has decided to ax Calatrava’s ideas to include a retractable roof to the building, one that “would open each Sept. 11 at the time of the terrorist attack.” Fortunately, most of the officials being talked to about the cutbacks sounded pretty upset by the big change, that it just wasn’t in the cards to spend that much, no matter how important the structures, but it does make sense that, when bringing in that many starchitects to help rebuild the area, ultimately you’re going to have to pull back on the reigns a bit.