Calatrava’s Big Blue Swirly Thing Gets Another Facelift


Big local story here in Chicago late yesterday was the further changes with Santiago Calatrava’s “Chicago Spire” building (he bright blue one that’s going to stick out like crazy along our ordinarily perfectly wonderfully modern skyline). Sounds like now they’re removing the gigantic broadcast tower atop the thing, but adding an additional 35 stories. So now it’ll be an even bigger blueberry candy cane.

Designed by renowned Spanish architect and engineer Santiago Calatrava for Dublin-based developer Garrett Kelleher, the tower no longer has a 400-foot broadcast antenna at its top or a hotel at its base. It is now all condominiums, 1,300 of them. The portion that modern-day cliff dwellers would live in has grown taller and wider, doubling the amount of sellable space to about 1.8 million square feet, said people associated with the project.