CalArts Student Says No to Paper and Plastic


Banned in San Francisco and likely on the way out in LA, too, plastic bags have truly become an enemy of the state, at least in California. But paper’s no angel, either; the only real solution is to get people to start bringing reusable bags themselves. One CalArts student staged an “ecological intervention” to confront shoppers with the concept.

On Earth Day Roman Jaster sat outside a Ralph’s supermarket and sewed fabric grocery bags for those heading inside. In exchange for a free bag, Jaster asked people to sign a pledge saying they’d use the bag for a minimum of six months. Paper Nor Plastic documents Jaster’s progress, including cute photos of him hunched over his sewing machine in action right outside the store. In fact, his personal touch is definitely what made people take pause. “I realize that it was a highly symbolic intervention,” says Jaster. “I see the real impact for change in the dispersal of the documentation. Thanks for helping me accomplish this.”