CalArts AIGA Student Group Likes To Go Dutch


The kids at CalArts just reached another level of cooler-than-you. Post More Bills is a one-night survey of pretty impressive Dutch posters from 1988-2006 coordinated by their AIGA student group. Says faculty advisor Jon Sueda (who has spent some time in the Netherlands, himself, so he should know):

This exhibition is an opportunity to take a closer look at posters created by some of the most renowned studios and individual designers in Holland; Studio Dumbar, Faydherbe / de Vringer, LUST, Bob van Dijk, Harmen Liemburg, Richard Niessen, and Willem Henri Lucas. These posters, which originally functioned on the streets of Amsterdam and The Hague, communicate in a truly idiosyncratic manner unique to the context of the Netherlands.

Saturday January 27
7pm to 11pm
National Forest
2995 Glendale Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90039

Willem Henri Lucas speaks at 8pm.