Print Journalism Alive and Well at Cal Poly

This spring, Cal Poly’s Mustang Daily newspaper won top honors at the College Newspaper Business and Advertising Manager conference for the third year in a row. Now comes the news that the San Luis Obispo launching pad has switched from a tabloid format to broadsheet and relaunched its website as well.

There’s a crazy time warp in evidence at Cal Poly. The newspaper recently doubled the printing capacity at its Dow Jones & Company Web Printing Laboratory. As such, it remains the only daily student newspaper in the U.S. produced entirely within the confines of a college campus. Per a press release:

“While newspaper readership and advertising seem to be on the decline nationwide, this is not the case at Cal Poly,” said general manager Paul Bittick. “Advertisers are pleased with the new format and improved color quality. We will be doing some reader research later this year to gauge the reaction to broadsheet.”

Bittick also suggests that the switch to broadsheet will allow student editors to become more familiar with the platform used in the real-world newspaper industry. FishbowlLA thinks these enterprising students better hurry up and graduate, before that end of the deal evaporates at the LA Times and other post-graduation destinations.

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