Cain Campaign May Be Ending, But the Confusion Continues

Gosh, what more is there to say? GOP candidate Herman Cain has announced that he’s making an announcement tomorrow about how he will proceed. The announcement will come the day after he speaks with his wife face-to-face about the latest sexual allegations against him, a consensual extra-martial affair that lasted 13 years.

According to CNN, he’s meant to be in Atlanta to open his campaign headquarters, which would be awwwkward if his next step is to drop out. But that could very well be what’s going to happen. Washington Post’s blog The Fix speculates that he has been setting up an “escape hatch” with his comments leading into this weekend. (So does Slate.) The paper says separately that his campaign is “all but over.”

Politico agrees, with former New York Gov. David Paterson, who also succumbed to scandal, telling the site, “When you’re in a campaign, if you can’t get vindicated quickly, then the campaign is more about the accusations than what you want to present to the public.”

Earlier this week, pundits noted that among the campaign’s many shortcomings are its constant contradictions and/or lack of response. Even as Herman Cain was denying that anything happened between him and Ginger White on CNN, his lawyer was putting out a statement saying that whatever happened was none of anyone’s business.

Speaking of contradictions, with the bid on its last leg, the campaign has launched a “Women for Cain” website and, on Wednesday, introduced the video above. Below is another video that pretty well sums up why, if he leaves the campaign trail, Herman Cain will be missed.