CafeMom: MomIndex Trending Down

Moms are not happy these days, and it’s not because they have to wait another six months for their Mother’s Day cards and gifts: According to the proprietary MomIndex from online community CafeMom, numbers are down in the Self, Money, and World categories.

The index is based on a perfect score of 100, and the average third-quarter score came in at 75, down from 76.5 in the second quarter, with only 7 percent of respondents tallying 90 or better, compared with 9 percent in the previous period.

One-quarter of moms believe their children are not leading healthy lifestyles, and 21 percent with kids aged 6-18 reported that their offspring are overweight. Only 27 percent of respondents were happy with they way they look, citing time constraints and more relaxed diets. Money is a concern, as 84 percent of moms said their top goal when shopping is saving money. And only 19 percent of moms believe the United States is heading in the right direction, down from 22 percent last quarter, with the economy and jobs, education, and health care representing the top issues.

On a good note, 85 percent of respondents believe their relationships with their partners are strong, although time spent together fell 26 percent from the first survey, to just over five hours per week.

CafeMom executive vice president Laura Fortner said:

The most alarming trend this quarter was moms’ increasing concern around the economy and world. Nine out of 10 moms said they often worry about the economy and jobs. 27 percent of moms report dealing with a household job loss in the past year, and only 40 percent feel that their family finances are on the right track. This poor financial outlook seems to aggravate already distrustful feelings around government, leaving fewer than one in five moms feeling like the country is headed in the right direction.