Cafe Coffee Day Warms Up This Week's Explosive Pages

We take you to India this week for a tasty liquid necessity that leads off our countdown.

We take you to India this week for a tasty liquid necessity that leads off our countdown.

The list also includes pages with free goodies, along with video games and other entertainment. If what you see piques your interest, take a look at the detailed page statistics tool we use to build these rankings.

Facebook’s Most Explosive Pages

Name # Of Fans Daily Growth Weekly Growth
1. Cafe Coffee Day – Official 784,164 1,045 243,432
2. Burt’s Bees 579,328 11,879 152,803
3. Estathè 955,584 742 148,554
4. Miss Sprint Cup 314,293 46,387 139,734
5. TrendHunter 244,899 38,148 133,189
6. Chips Ahoy! 250,425 980 103,397
7. Tennessee Volunteers Athletics 198,425 12,747 84,133
8. EA Sports NCAA Football 754,887 10,386 80,493
9. Tesla the Band 92,620 57,829 77,112
10. “Game of Thrones” 611,806 20,674 74,928


A hot spot for a caffeine fix in India, Cafe Coffee Day perks up the top of our list, due to a 243,432 increase in fans over the last seven days. In Italy, people are cooling off with beverage of choice Estathè; the drink’s most recent contest helped the page explode into the third position, as 148,554 social networkers clicked on the like button.

Free Stuff

Burt’s Bees has a creative promotion that offers coupons in exchange for a little promotional help from fans. The interactive approach helped the page finish in second with a 152,803 increase. And Chips Ahoy‘s scrumptious looking cookies have the masses salivating. Giving away free samples was a hit for the brand as the company conquers the sixth position with a weekly growth total of 103,397.


Turn to the lovely ladies over at Miss Sprint Cup for insider Nascar information — racing enthusiasts are responding as the page has a fourth place worthy weekly growth total of 139,734.

University of Tennessee is utilizing social media tactics to bring the masses its latest sports happenings over at Tennessee Volunteer Athletics; a 84,133 weekly growth increase helps the page find its way to the seventh spot.

Anticipation is building for the latest release from EA Sports NCAA Football, and now 80,493 more people are keeping an eye out on the Facebook for the latest updates as the page ends up in eighth.

Media, Television, And Music

Equal parts informative and interesting, TrendHunter is a popular online publication that brings the latest media news to your fingertips. On Facebook, TrendHunter had a tremendous week landing in the center of our countdown with 133,189 new likers.

Tesla the Band is seeing impressive weekly growth numbers in response to newly released information regarding an upcoming tour; the page finds its way to the ninth spot with 77,112 likes counted. “Game of Thrones” is looking to be another premium channel hit, and the HBO series’ home on Facebook closes out our list, as an additional 74,928 people have joined conversation.

Readers, did you find yourself fanning any of the pages that made this week’s list?