Cablevision Proposes Tough Concessions For Newsday Employees

When will publishers learn: you never, ever want to mess with the drivers who are delivering your papers?

Then again, the latest company in question is Cablevision and they are talking about slashing 15 percent from what they pay drivers delivering their 2008 acquisition, Newsday, which notably is trying to drum up readers for their pay-walled site. So maybe if all the unionized drivers quit (Newsday in particular has a history of cutting delivery drivers), everyone who wants local Long Island news will have to do so by paying the online subscription fee?

Still, even without the drivers’ pay cut, the deal isn’t doing anybody any favors: the proposal includes longer work weeks, less vacation time and an average 10 percent pay cut for every union employee. Romenesko obtained a copy of the editorial union memo, which calls the deal “horrible and unprecedented.New York Post‘s Keith Kelly wrangled a devil’s advocate quote from Michael O’Connor (president of the local chapter of the Graphic Communications International Union), who said, “I think this is the best we are going to extract from Newsday at this time…I know a lot of people are upset, but everyone has to look at their options.”

Union members can vote on the proposal starting Sunday, January 10, only three months before 250 contracts for editorial employees at Newsday go up for review.

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