Cablevision And News Corp. Finally Call A Truce

It took two weeks and 19 hours, but the bickering between Cablevision and News Corp. has drawn to a long overdue close.  That sound you are hearing is a much deserved sigh of relief by three million local Cablevision subscribers who can now tune in to Fox for tonight’s World Series game three and tomorrow’s Packers-Jets 1p.m. showdown.

In addition to WNYW/Fox 5, New Yorkers will be pleased to have My9 Network, Fox Business Network, National Geographic Wild, and Fox Deportes back on their cable dial.

Read on to see how Cablevision broke the good news to their customers.

“In the absence of any meaningful action from the FCC, Cablevision has agreed to pay Fox an unfair price for multiple channels of its programming including many in which our customers have little or no interest.  Cablevision conceded because it does not think its customers should any longer be denied the Fox programs they wish to see.

Cablevision thanks its customers for understanding the reasons for the dispute and for staying with us.  We are also grateful to the 175 government leaders who raised their voices to urge government intervention and binding arbitration to prevent this blackout.  It is clear the retransmission consent system is badly broken and needs to be fixed.

In the end, our customers will pay more than they should for Fox programming, but less than they would have if we had accepted the unprecedented rates News Corp. was demanding when they pulled their channels off Cablevision.”