Cable News Notes: No More BTK!

Wonkgirl wasn’t the only one yesterday decrying the wall-to-wall coverage of the BTK killer’s appearance in court. On yesterday’s “Situation Room,” Jack Cafferty tore into the cabler’s coverage:

“We ought to be ashamed of ourselves” for broadcasting Dennis Rader’s statements in court, Cafferty told Wolf Blitzer. “Publicity is this monster’s gasoline.”

“It’s nonsense. It doesn’t belong on television,” Cafferty continued. “Nobody needs to watch this stuff. All it does is inspire other nut cases out there that may be they can get themselves famous by doing this kind of — it’s terrible.”

Perhaps not surprisingly, many viewers agreed, according to audience emails yesterday. TVNewser has the full transcript.

Two other CNN notes:

> We should note, as a special thanks to the teleprompter people or producers at CNN, that the number of “Situation Room” references have fallen dramatically since last week’s debut. After two days in the 60s, the number of times Wolf reminded viewers where they were fell to only 26 times on Monday and has stayed low throughout the week. Thank you! Thank you! And, yet, even while we’re only being reminded roughly every six minutes, no one has forgotten “YOU’RE IN THE SITUATION ROOM!”

> Also, we should have noted earlier another significance of CNN’s worm coverage. While many production responsibilities were transferred this spring to the D.C. bureau, Tuesday’s crazy worm coverage was one of the first tests we’ve seen of the bureau’s breaking news ability–and they passed with flying colors. Even with Atlanta and New York basically offline, the D.C. bureau staff rallied and kept CNN on the air. Bureau chief David Bohrman deserves kudos for the technical aspect — although perhaps not the hour of panic-inducing worm coverage itself.