Cable Modem Down? No Problem if 3G & Froyo Hotspot Still Work

I woke up yesterday morning to discover that I had no cable modem network access. An undersea fiber cable break caused widespread loss of network connectivity for many Time Warner customers. Fortunately, 3G service was still available for my Nexus One and Froyo’s (Android OS 2.2) WiFi hotspot feature works as advertised. Froyo’s hotspot can provide WiFi service for up to 8 devices. I connected my Mac to the hotspot and checked my morning email, read a bit of tech news, and tweeted my annoyance about the loss of broadband service.
3G data is not great in my neck of the woods. But, I wasn’t complaining with what looked like a reliable 500Kbps downstream speed. My cable modem service was restored within a few hours. However, the major rerouting that must be taking place has taken a toll on service quality. I’m currently seeing about 120Kbps (that’s “K” as in Kilobits) downstream speed. We’re talking 20th century ISDN-BRI type speed. But, slow access is better than no access.