Cabin App: Support for Families, Kid Text Decodor

A private family app takes a modern approach to keeping families connected.

Just like families themselves, pairing day-to-day family logistics and with existing social and mobile platforms can be complicated and dysfunctional. The new family-only app Cabin is hoping to bridge that gap with a totally private social network for anyone who has ever ignored a Facebook request from their mother or texted a child to come to the dinner table.

While some family-centric apps provide dedicated space to share photos or chart family history, Cabin uses a clean, modern interface to keep the focus on getting things done. Within a single app, members can collaborate on to-do lists, confirm schedules and share their location with worried parents, and keep in touch with a robust messaging feature with support for photos, videos and maps.

Users can even leave a conversation thread when it no longer applies to them, making it easier to catch up or go off on a tangent within a group text without blowing up everyone’s phone.

Our favorite part of Cabin is the sense of fun that pervades the experience. The app boosts a creative suite of custom stickers by guest artists that make emoji look like amateur hour, and the brand keeps a playful Tumblr full of inspirational art, parenting tips and a recurring “Decipher Kid’s Text” feature.


Cabin is available free for both iOS and Android.