C-SPAN’s Potty Mouth

C-SPAN’s getting naughty

On Friday, C-SPAN 2 covered the student journalism conference put together by Campus Progress and The Nation.

Some of the things you might have heard on that oh-so-innocent channel:

  • “The nation lost its head even while it was giving head.” – Katrina vanden Heuvel

  • “For too long we’ve loved you college students only for your bodies.” – Katrina vanden Heuvel (re: liberal adults’ perceptions of student activism)

  • Juliet Eilperin told a story about how she got into journalism. She was working for the Princeton paper, on the administration beat, which required weekly visits with the university president. The president’s assistant told her later that he had to “get ahold of himself” every time she arrived because of her habit of attending said meetings in ripped pants which she described as “scantily clad.”

    C-SPAN also took its cameras to the “Al Franken Show” on Friday and, during Franken’s “What We Learned” segment at the end of his show, he noted, “We learned that we can say the word ‘numnut’ on C-SPAN.”

    Sidenote: Highlight of the journalism conference may have been this gem from Helen Thomas:

      “Now I wake up in the morning and say, ‘Who do I hate today’?”