C-SPAN Video Library Gets LOTS of Love

Has any really lived until the invention of the C-SPAN video library? By the way journalists around D.C. and beyond are talking about it, it’s not likely life was as fulfilling before.

Remarked ABC’s Jake Tapper: “If the US had knighthoods, one of the first ones should go to Brian Lamb,” he tweeted, referring to C-SPAN’s founder and CEO.

@nbcnightlynews also weighed in: Video: C-Span junkies rejoice! Entire archive to go online http://bit.ly/9KGUP0

Listen to Capitol Hill radio reporter Todd Zwillich’s remarks on it from The Takeaway. “I haven’t looked up from my laptop in 48 hours,” he said on the show.

The LAT’s Andrew Malcom writes a story on the library on the Top of the Ticket blog. The headline: C-SPAN: This program lasts 31 years, with no end in sight. Malcom has mixed observations about C-SPAN. “It’s not a he. Nor a she. It’s an it,” he writes. “C-SPAN, which is short for something like Cripes, Some Politicians Are Numb.”

Then he compliments the network: “While the rest of Washington yadas on like a bunch of chugging crazies on spring break, C-SPAN provides a priceless sense of serenity amid the nation’s political storms.”

Then he insults the C-SPAN watcher: “Imagine being able to look up and watch a specific speaker at a specific committee hearing on a specific day in 1993,” he writes. “Or imagine getting a life.”

Read the LAT’s full post here. Let’s be clear: no one ought to be able to start his or her day until they watch presidential hopeful Gary Bauer fall off a stage while flipping pancakes. And former Jim “Beam me Up” Traficant (I-Ohio) floor speeches should also be required watching.

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