C-SPAN Rolls Out Second Fleet of Tricked Out Vehicles

Local content here they come!

Today C-SPAN announced the launch of a second fleet of “Local Content Vehicles”  to capture stories of literary and historic significance from small and mid-size cities nationwide.

The second fleet of three specially detailed Ford Transit Connect vehicles brings the total number of LCV’s (as the lingo goes) to six, allowing the network to double the cities it visits each month (two per month) and approximately double the number of BookTV and American History TV features it can produce.

Learn how it all works and who leads the LCV team. C-SPAN producers spend a full week in a selected city, traveling in the LCV’s visiting various literary and historic sites and interviewing local historians, authors and civic leaders. Each member of the LCV team, led by LCV manager Debbie Lamb, is equipped to shoot and edit video on location. Lamb is the niece of C-SPAN Founder and now retired Chairman and CEO Brian Lamb.

The LCV program is now in its third year.