C-SPAN Filling A Void

C-SPAN is making its move “to be the go-to network for the in-depth campaign analysis that it says cable news networks have abandoned in recent years,” according to The Hill.

“We do see that there’s an opening this year that there wasn’t, even in 2004, because there’s no [CNN] ‘Inside Politics,’ because other cable networks are getting away from politics coverage and more into personality coverage,” said senior political editor Steve Scully. “And that’s great. Let them do that. Because of that, I think, we really see our chance to make our mark in 2006.”

C-SPAN aired the first two of approximately 150 congressional and gubernatorial debates in “competitive or otherwise interesting races” on Sunday. The network plans on covering debates from 50-70 House races. “Washington Journal” also briefs viewers on a featured race Sunday through Thursday, interviewing a journalist or analyst on a selected race at 8:30 a.m.

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