Buzzwire Partners With TV Guide on Mobile Site

Looking to capitalize on the growing popularity of Web surfing via mobile devices, new company Buzzwire on Feb. 23 plans to launch a community-driven mobile site that will be akin to a Digg for the mobile universe. On the site, Web-enabled cell phone users can share their favorite content on the mobile Web.

Buzzwire has signed up TV Guide as its first media partner and is pitching itself to others including Forbes, CNN and The Washington Post as a way for them to build traffic to their mobile sites. To the extent that partners also can post what material is posted, they also get some ability to influence their content’s popularity on Buzzwire.

Headed by ex-Newsweek president Greg Osberg, Buzzwire has landed Deutsch clients including DirectTV, Under Armour and Kodak as exclusive advertisers during its launch period.

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