BuzzMob Rings People Together as a Localized Experience

A new smartphone application connects users within the same physical vicinity to talk, share tips, photos and rich media while users receive exclusive content within a GPS-defined digital network.

BuzzMob uses the social media experience based on your location and activity. “We’re making social media more social, in a network that moves with you and is always connected to where you are and what you’re doing, right now,” says Jeff Jackel, founder & CEO of BuzzMob.

With the friends around them experiencing the same social activity, the app can be applied at concerts, sporting events, college campuses, shopping centers and so forth. “BuzzMobbers” can join or create the Buzz in a GPS-enabled “Ring,” where those on site can share messages, tips, reviews, photos and other content in a contained community.

Sharing content within a GPS community is nothing new, but there are some BuzzMob features worth mentioning:

-A network Ring to connect BuzzMobbers with the real people around them, from just a few users, to many thousands from the 50-foot radius around a restaurant to several miles of a metropolitan area

-The Buzz is a live feed of all conversations and content occurring now, or most recent conversations and content at a specific location

-You can choose eligible rings to join from a GPS map view or a list view

-You can observe from outside the Ring. BuzzMobbers can still observe (though not participate) in all the Ring activity

-Stay connected not just to other BuzzMobbers, but to exclusive information, content, and offers provided by the location itself.

I am curious to see how the new BuzzMob location-based app does with the public at large. How many people will join the Mob and become BuzzMobbers?

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