Buzzing: Hill Staffers Canned After Weekend Party

Drunken Hill aides. Cops. Pecans. Impersonating the congressman. A drunken partygoer wandering around in his underwear. Two aides now fired. What more could we want in Capitol Hill gossip?

Roll Call‘s HOH has the scoop on aides to Rep. Steven Palazzo (R-Miss.) partying down at a rented house in Annapolis (a.k.a Panama City Beach) in early October. As a result of the apparent weekend rave, the congressman’s scheduler, Whitney Donald, and aide Richard McKay are no longer working for him.

Favorite line: “The Congressman at no time asked someone on staff to book a house for him,” Palazzo’s chief of staff, Jamie Miller, tells HOH. The congressman is not involved. We’ve all seen “Ides of March.” That’s all that matters right? Another great line: “Who the f–k is that?” a partygoer remarked in response to an annoyed neighbor who threatened to call the cops. Not surprisingly, it was when the property owner threatened to go to the media that the congressman was allegedly impersonated. Because what else would they do?

And finally: Pecans are just about the stupidest idea for getting out of a jam.

Read about the whole ordeal here.