BuzzFeed’s ‘Real Women’ Video Strikes Controversial Chord

Sparks 2.6 million views, takes No. 1 Web series slot

How women are portrayed in photography has been a hot-button issue in publishing during the last several months. One could argue the spirited dialogue goes back a year to Dove's "Real Beauty Sketches" effort, which went viral.

At any rate, whether you find BuzzFeed Video's "Photoshopping Real Women Into Cover Models" appealing or not, it is not exactly shocking the video struck a chord with viewers, landing at No. 1 on the VideoWatch/VidIQ weekly content chart in the YouTube Web Series category.

Zeitgeisty work, BuzzFeed. The YouTube comments are mixed, though, with many disapproving.

Other noteworthy top 10 YouTube Web series performers include a freaky "fake kidnapping" educational spot and a home video centering on a real-life Marmaduke in Britain.

Check out the full rankings here:

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