BuzzFeed’s Latest Crazy Invention Is a Fidget Spinner That Contains Lip Gloss

The publisher's Product Lab strikes again

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BuzzFeed has taken fidgeting to a new, glamorous level. Now, kids and people who want to stay “stylish” while they fidget can order a GlamSpin, a combination of a fidget spinner, lip gloss container and toy.

The GlamSpin will have three flavors of lip gloss: Peach Whirl, Grape Twist and Strawberry Cyclone. BuzzFeed’s Product Lab came up with the idea; previous projects and products from the group include BuzzFeed’s short-lived “failing pile of garbage” line of merch, customizable Tasty cookbooks and a hot glue gun for cheese called the Fondoodler.

The GlamSpin, which costs $9.99, will begin shipping in mid-July to the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Most basic fidget spinners, sometimes called focus spinners by well-meaning adults, cost $5 or less with some deluxe versions costing hundreds (or thousands!) of dollars.

“While we were watching the fidget trend and covering it editorially, we were hesitant to build our own spinner without a unique angle that set our product apart from the rest,” Ben Kaufman, head of Product Lab, told Adweek.

“One of our vendor partners, Taste Beauty, and their founder Alex Fogelson had the idea of combining lip gloss and spinners and reached out to us with the idea on May 25,” he said, marking the time between idea and creation at one month.

BuzzFeed considers the fidget spinner demographic to be mainly teens, “who we also know have a high engagement and conversion rate on our posts containing lip gloss trends and new beauty products,” said Kaufman.

Fans of BuzzFeed’s beauty brand, Top Knot, will get videos and articles about the GlamSpin, but the team will watch for audience feedback and any buying/sharing trends to determine who else the product will be marketed to.

“BuzzFeed has long been known for creating digital content that connects with audiences and compels them to want to share and express themselves,” said Kaufman. “We feel that if we build consumer products that hit these two marks, they support BuzzFeed’s overall brand, and make us a bit of money along the way.”

The GlamSpin Is Perfect For Lip Balm Addicts

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Posted by Top Knot on Monday, June 26, 2017

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