BuzzFeed’s Kate Nocera Gets NYT Shout-Out From Dad

BuzzFeed reporter Kate Nocera has to be one beaming daughter today as her father, Joe Nocera, an Op-Ed columnist for NYT, mentioned her in his latest piece. The topic: His case against Twitter. He gives her nearly three graphs. 

Kate, who, having worked at Politico and now at Twitter-frenzied BuzzFeed is on the medium a lot, alerted her father to another Joe Nocera, an avid Yankees fan, who would receive insults whenever her father wrote something controversial.


I first heard about the other Joe Nocera from my daughter Kate. A Washington journalist, she has been a regular on Twitter for a couple years, first at Politico and now at BuzzFeed, where she covers Congress. She has long urged me to join her in Twitter-land, which I’ve resisted.

Anyway, Kate started noticing that whenever I wrote a column that inflamed certain constituencies, the other Joe Nocera would get some highly insulting tweets. “A smug tendentious column,” wrote @philipturner, in one of the more publishable responses to my support for the Keystone XL oil pipeline. Jeffrey Reynolds, a Second Amendment advocate, took to Twitter to boast that the articles on his blog “are FAR more professional” than mine, after I quoted him in a column about guns. “Care to publish an accurate quote?” he sneered.

Ultimately, Kate’s father had lunch with the other Joe Nocera, who now sends him the insults he receives in his wake on Twitter. Thanks a lot, Kate!

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