BuzzFeed Hits the Delete Button

Earlier this week, Vanity Fair posted a takedown of Buzzfeed by Julie Weiner called “40 Signs You Are a BuzzFeed Writer Running Out of List Ideas.”

It was a pretty funny take on the kind of click-bait content that Buzzfeed is absolutely skilled at creating. The site is the kind of place where you’re sucked in by one article only to regret it about an hour later when you realize you’re still there, clicking away and wondering how in the hell you’ll escape. 10 Ridiculously Homoerotic Cowboy Themed Photos Of ’90s Male TV Stars? Ah, yes please. 38 Things Catholic Girls Love? You know we’re clicking on that.

Weiner’s list might’ve made Buzzfeed just a bit touchy, though. Yesterday, writer Joe Veix (The New Yorker, McSweeny’s) posted his own Buzzfeed takedown: “The Top 10 DUMBEST BuzzFeed Lists You’re EMBARRASSED To Say You CLICKED”—and he posted it on Buzzfeed. The site allows anyone who registered to create content, and Veix’s list featured items like “The 10 Wackiest Genocides of the 90s” and “22 Fotos That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity Without You Actually Having to Do Anything to Help Improve It.”

His list was swiftly removed and, according to him, he was banned from creating new content on the site. Buzzfeed Community Editor/Moderator Cates Holderness, after telling Veix somewhat sarcastically on Twitter that his list wasn’t quite as funny as he thought, clarified that he believes “there’s a difference between satire and being mean-spirited.” Probably not a big difference, though. We Asked Holderness if Veix was really banned over this post, but haven’t heard back yet. A BuzzFeed publicist also had no comment.

Humor is in the eye of the content moderator, apparently.

Veix’s entire list, after the jump…