BuzzFeed to Interview President Obama

Mr. President, here are 19 things you see at a One Direction concert

Mr. President, which era of Taylor Swift are you? If we’re lucky, that will be one of the questions posed to President Obama, during BuzzFeed’s first presidential interview. The session will take place February 10, with BuzzFeed’s editor-in-chief Ben Smith asking Obama questions during a sit-down at The White House.

As with all things BuzzFeed, this is going to be a social network heavy event. Smith will hold a Q&A on Facebook to ask users what questions he should ask the President. Yes, that’s effectively a Q&A for a Q&A.

BuzzFeed fans can also submit questions via Snapchat, email (, Tumblr, Instagram and every other platform imaginable. Obama will also participate in a BuzzFeed Motion Picture video that will be shared exclusively on Facebook.

Smith described interviewing Obama as “a nice tribute to the work my colleagues have done to take this place from an ambitious, zany experiment to one of the most ambitious new news and media organizations in the world.”

(Image: BuzzFeed)