BuzzFeed Listicles Start to Pop in Video

Also, Halloween pranks rule

A few months ago, we asked the question, "Can the BuzzFeed listicle model translate to video?"—given its lack of user control and interruptive pre-roll ads. Well, it looks like BuzzFeed, with the help of viral video expert Ze Frank, is onto something. 

The Web publisher's Things You Do Online That'd Be Creepy In Real Life took the top spot last week on VideoWatch's YouTube content ranking, as powered by VidIQ. The list, which features a guy publicly liking things and following people—literally—generated over 3 million views last week after quietly debuting the week prior.

Meanwhile, a solo Ze Frank video took second place in last week's list. In third place was an epic Halloween prank by MabeinAmerica featuring a flying grim reaper terrorizing joggers. Check out the list here: 


NOTE: Adweek’s VideoWatch Chart, powered by VidIQ, reveals the Top 10 Web Series Videos on YouTube every week. The chart tracks more than just pure views; VidIQ incorporates sharing data from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, among other data sources, in an effort to measure true engagement. Every video is also ranked with VidIQ's proprietary score, which helps judge the likelihood of a video being promoted in YouTube Related Videos, Search and Recommended Videos.

The ranking is also meant to capture "born-on-the-Web" YouTube content. Thus, material like clips from TV shows, movie trailers, video games and music videos are not included.