BuzzFeed Launches a Social-Inspired Board Game in Partnership With Walmart and

Social Sabotage gets players to post, text and tweet potentially embarrassing things

BuzzFeed has turned a traditional board game into a shareable social media experience. Courtesy of BuzzFeed
Headshot of Sami Main

BuzzFeed’s Product Labs has cooked up another IRL item for fans to enjoy offline: a board game.

Unlike other games on the market, this physical game gets players posting, texting and tweeting potentially embarrassing content in a new game called Social Sabotage.

“Technology fails are the funniest fails, from an autocorrect gone wrong, to a text message meant for your girlfriend sent to your dad, to the picture you tweeted but meant for a DM,” said Ben Kaufman, head of BuzzFeed Product Labs. “Social Sabotage takes a lighthearted look at the miscommunications and misadventures of life in the digital age, and allows us all to have a little fun with our carefully crafted social media personas.”

Social Sabotage is one of a handful of items that Product Labs has developed for the company including Homesick candles, a customizable Tasty cookbook and the GlamSpin (a fidget spinner-esque product with lip gloss).

The two types of cards in the game are Where and What; Where cards tell players the type of content they’ll be posting or sending, and the What cards determine the content itself. For example, the Where could be in a Facebook group or to the parents of your friends; the What could be your best “party trick” or a picture of your toilet.

Players can pass on the challenge of the cards, but the player with the most cards will win the game. All players need is access to a smartphone, a group of friends and a set of the 410 What and 90 Where cards included in Social Sabotage.

The game turns a traditional board game into a shareable social media experience, with a little dash of “truth or dare” thrown in for good measure.

Starting today, Social Sabotage will be available for $24.97 with pre-order on and will be available on and in select Walmart stores closer to the holidays, marking Product Labs’ debut in a major retailer.

@samimain Sami Main is social editor for Adweek, where she posts Adweek content onto social platforms and looks for creative ways to communicate what's new.