BuzzFeed Is Now Fine With ‘Millennials’

The publication makes changes to its style guide

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While BuzzFeed may be considered the millennial-focused site that started it all, the publication, like the demographic itself, was not into the term. The entry for millennial in the style guide BuzzFeed published in Feb 2014 came with the following guidance:

millennials (avoid using this term when possible; otherwise, generally use twentysomethings, twenty- and thirtysomethings, or teens and young adults, depending on context)

Copy chief Emmy Favilla and deputy copy chief Megan Paolone have now relented, updating the style guide to allow use of the word. They have also provided a 900+ word explanation, cross-posted in Columbia Journalism Review, on why they are “flying the white flag, announcing our surrender to the term’s unironic usage and acknowledging its journey from cheesy marketing buzzword we tried desperately to combat to just another everyday descriptive word in our vernacular.”

The piece also doubles as a neat recap of the term’s troubled history, for anyone who’d like the refresher.

And if you still don’t like it, there’s always the Millennials to Snake People chrome extension.

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