BuzzFeed Goes Native for Politicians

Political campaign videos can now get the BuzzFeed treatment.

BuzzFeed Motion Picture’s native video advertising shop is taking on political campaigns, reports Politico’s Hadas Gold.

Leading the effort will be Rena Shapiro, BuzzFeed’s newly named vice president for politics and advocacy. Shapiro comes to BuzzFeed from Pandora, where she was the political advertising director.

Shapiro will work with BuzzFeed Motion Picture’s product and branded video arms to produce the content.

As expected, the publication known for its skill in attracting a millennial audience plans to target its candidate and political issue-based ads accordingly. “There is a huge demand for political and advocacy groups to tap into [the millennial and “inflential”] audience,” said Shapiro in a statement. “From our shareable videos to our social posts, there’s a massive opportunity and I can’t wait to get started.”

Gold reports the native political ads will fall under the same church/state rules that separate editorial from advertising. Let’s hope it holds, this time.