BuzzFeed Producer Shares Some Viral Video Mantras

If you’ve not yet seen the following BuzzFeed video, take a moment to check it out. Posted just ahead of Valentine’s Day 2014, it examines the tendency of fashion magazines to Photoshop their cover girls by running a number of non-models through the same, retouch process.

Based in LA, BuzzFeed senior video producer (and former Mediabistro staffer) Andrew Gauthier explains to’s technology editor Abigail Edge that this video stands as a perfect example of one of his tenets for creating items that are widely shared across the Internet. Namely, the video is designed to – and effectively succeeds in – starting multiple conversations:

Viral videos “add to the conversation” by offering “some sort of emotional aspect or informational takeaway” which makes users more likely to share content with friends, Gauthier added.

“It allows people to pick up the conversation they were having earlier, or they share it and they say ‘oh, I saw this and I was thinking of you’.”

Gauthier goes on to share four more macro-tips for creating engaging Web video. Read the rest of Edge’s article here.

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