Buzz Grows for Latest Robert Ellis LAPD Murder Mystery

Murder Season is the third novel by Robert Ellis to feature the central character of LAPD detective Lena Gamble. Since its release December 6, the book has been garnering effusive online praise, with reviewers deeming it a “terrific sick-soul-of-LA thriller,” one of the “better suspense novels of the year” and the latest in a “criminally underappreciated mystery series.”

The newest Gamble adventure opens with a double murder at hot Hollywood nightspot Club 3AM, where one of the shooting victims turns out to be a 25-year-old man recently acquitted at LA’s “latest trial of the century.” Per a recent interview with the Connecticut Post, Ellis continues to tap a deep personal knowledge of the City of Angels:

Ellis lives in Bridgeport, but spent many years in Los Angeles working in the film industry and as a political-media consultant (which could be viewed as the perfect, double-barreled education in the sun-baked corruption he writes about in his Southern California mysteries).

Although Murder Season shows us how unevenly political and social clout is distributed in a major metropolis, Gamble still manages to right many wrongs, giving the reader a sense of order at the end of a very messy murder case.

While Murder Season follows Gamble’s previous case work in City of Fire and The Lost Witness, the author tells the Post he wrote this latest one so it can stand alone. Sounds like the perfect last-minute Christmas gift for any mystery fan(s) still on your list.