Buyouts At Providence Journal

The Providence Journal has offered eight buyouts to staffers in advertising and the newsroom, reports Rhode Island Public Radio.

If fewer than eight people volunteer, the company will resort to layoffs to make the cost savings.

Two inside advertising representatives, two outside sales representatives, one reporter, one copy editor, one photographer and one editorial assistant are targeted, Providence Newspaper Guild president John Hill told WRNI.

Employees have until Dec. 16 to make a decision. Those accepting the buyout would receive 1.25 weeks of pay for every year they have worked at the paper, up to a maximum of 10 weeks pay, which employees say is not generous by ProJo standards.

The Providence Journal has lost 150 employees between 2008 and March 2009, WPRI-TV said in its story about the buyouts.

“This is nothing to celebrate in any way, shape or form,” Hill said of the buyouts. “At the same time, it could have been so profoundly worse.”

H/T MediaWire