Buy the Monitor and Have Art Streamed Directly Onto Your Walls

Back in March, we told you about Artsicle, essentially “Neflix for art,” wherein subscribers in the New York area would pay $50 per month, per piece, to have something interesting to hang on their walls, made by an up-and-coming artist. Now another instant-art-for-hire service has popped up: Framed. For a fee, you’ll receive a 40″ television that hooks up to your wi-fi. Visit their site and purchase a piece of motion-based art or conceivably, like Artsicle, sign up for a rotating subscription service. Created by interface designer Yugo Nakamura, in collaboration with interior designer Yoshihiro Saitoh and the design and engineering firm, Om. Inc., Framed is described simply as “a new platform for digital art, designed for everyday interior spaces.” We don’t particularly see it as being the most inviting thing to have in one’s home, given that the constant motion seems like it would serve as a major distraction (and what about screen burn out and power consumption?), but we’re certainly sure there’s a market out there for people who aren’t us. And, of course, if priced right, it seems like it might be a viable service for certain types of businesses (i.e. probably not appearing in your dentist’s office anytime soon). Here’s their explanatory launch video: