Buy and Sell Art Using Online Art Galleries

All Internet sometimes seams to be one big marketplace and of course Art have a share of this pie also. Newly launched is trying to build the best online place to buy and sell art. At ArtFlock you can find not only paintings but craftwork as well, which gives you wide range of stuff to browse and maybe buy. It is also great opportunity for artists to sell their stuff and make money on their talent.


First impression is really good – everything is thought-out to offer visitors the easiest way to browse art galleries and find stuff to buy. ArtFlock comes together with many social features to make better relationships between buyers and sellers which, I think, will help this art marketplace to become more stronger. Speaking about functionality I need to mention that ArtFlock offer different account plans from FreeFolio to ProFolio+ which allow sellers to add some features and possibilities to their portfolios to make it more popular. Actually FreeFolio isn’t the best way to choose because the list of features is very short and by paying only few bucks you get a lot of promo features that will help to attract visitors to your works.

If you can find something you would like tobuy at you can choose other online art marketplace – for example who is offering fine art prints and also seams to be good place where to search for beautiful things.

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