Buy a Coke Using an NFC-enabled Android Phone at a Vending Machine?

When Pepsi introduced their social vending machines based on sending drink gifts via messages to a friend’s cell phone number, I wrote: I’m a little leery about the security issues related to having vending machines store people’s names and their cell phone number. I also think that this system would work better using NFC (Near Field Communications). Apparently, Coca-Cola was thinking something similar when designing their vending machine.

Coca-Cola Launches Mobile Payment System (Agencynet)

Coca-Cola’s vending machine does not have a social gifting feature. However, it does accept mobile payments form NFC-enabled phones by tapping the phone on the vending machine. There are two interactive displays on the vending machine. A small display on the vending machine lets the customer “spin the bottle” to see nutritional information while a larger display can display videos and advertisements.

Reference: Social Times, April 28, 2011.
PepsiCo Social Vending Machines Lets You Gift Beverages