But Who Is She When She’s At Home?–Heather’s Home Page

FBLA is a huge fan of GFY. Love it, love the girls, love the photos and especially love the snark. Here’s Heather on a perennial favorite, Courtney Peldon:

But, seriously, it’s like she found this in her closet, finally rinsed out the leftover cologne smell that she’s sworn she would never wash away until they got married, and donned it — never once actually looking at how poorly it sits on her torso. You can tell by the hem — low in the back, higher in the front because it’s bunching on her breasts and straining to fit them. So what she imagines as a flirty, jaunty little exposure of navel and waxed pelvis is actually just a mistake.

Which is why we wish we hadn’t found Heather’s own, very personal blog. The tone is more loving-hands-at-home wearing Uggs and leggings than Mrs. Parker with a twist of lemon in her iced vitriol. FBLA supposes that it’s too much to be so shimmeringly witty all the time, but we’d prefer she try a little harder.

No one out here in cyberspace needs to know about her battles with household hygiene:

But nothing inspires me less to clean a tub I don’t use than the knowledge that I’ll have to clean the tub I don’t use again in about a week or two.

Laurie Pike did an interview with both the Fugglies for the September issue of Los Angeles magazine. Typically, Heather’s biggest concern is the photo. FBLA wants to know how big the book advance was.

But she does explain the whole ANTM strike thing, just as if it was anyone’s business but her own.