But What Does It Have To Do With Design?


According to William Drenttel, only 1% of Design Observer readers ever comment. But lately, a few in that vast minority have been screeching their concerns about some posts on Design Observer that are–gasp!–not about design!

Of particular concern to these folks are posts like this beautiful essay by Lawrence Weschler. We’re guessing they might not know who Lawrence Weschler is, or how incredibly important it is that a writer of his stature is contributing to a design blog, or what that might say about the stature of this particular design blog. They’re just foot-stompin’ mad that nobody’s talking typefaces.

The most recent post by Michael Bierut addresses the danger of becoming design myopic. Reading it, we were reminded of Bierut’s presentation to students at the AIGA Conference in Boston last year, discussing 20 courses he didn’t take in design school. Bierut’s message about broadening your horizons definitely stuck with us, but we didn’t take notes like Jason Kottke did, so here are things that are not design that can make you a better designer, really.

People. Get out from under your computers, put down the Paul Rand book and do something.