But They Were Two Really Good Lines

Another News Corp.-owned local newspaper put up a paywall, and a reader illustrated one of the pitfalls of the strategy in an email to a local blog.

Ted Nesi wrote on his blog for WPRI.com that the Cape Cod Times erected a paywall on its CapeCodOnline.com site, granting full access to print subscribers for $20.28 per year, with non-subscribers having the option of paying $128.96 per year for the e-edition and 10 monthly page views or $178.88 for unlimited access to the Web and mobile versions.

However, a subscriber who chose the option that included the 10 monthly page views wasted one of them on the pictured story (screen grab from Nesi’s blog), which ran for all of two sentences.

Nesi wrote:

That actually points to one of the problems that paywalls cause for publishers — it forces readers to think hard every time they click on a story. (“Do I want to waste one of my allotted views on this?”) The paywall gets in the way of the story, and creates anxiety for the reader.