BusinessWeek Turns Permatemps Into Kelly Girls


Following up on widespread speculation about layoffs at BusinessWeek, the embattled magazine has let 20 contract employees go. Well… not exactly. We’ll let Keith Kelly tell the story:

Last Friday, Executive Editor John Byrne on a conference call told the contract workers they were being reassigned to a contract with Kelly Services. In the past, they drew their paychecks from parent company McGraw-Hill and were assigned to work on a short-to-long-term basis for BusinessWeek. […]
Many of the newly reassigned fear the change will make it a lot easier to fire them under the new arrangement. Some of the BusinessWeek online writers, however, were spared and converted into full-time BW employees. A BW spokeswoman insisted there is no need for alarm. […] She insisted there was no change in their hourly pay rate, their hours or their eligibility for overtime.

Apart from those lucky online writers who were offered W-2 gigs, we have to say that it stinks for all the production and editorial permatemps involved. By having their employment shifting to Kelly Services, they’ve just been transformed into Kelly Girls.

Then the permatemp woke up and found out that the clock was striking one hour closer to midnight.

(Image via Picasa)