Businessweek Offers 12 Free Issues to Deadbeat Millennials

Bloomberg Businessweek is taking a creative approach to nabbing new readers: It’s calling them out for being deadbeats. The magazine has launched a minisite to get people interested. BBW jokes aside, the site offers digital gift cards — good for 12 free issues of Businessweek — that people can send to Millennials who are underemployed or unemployed and still living with the moms and pops.

There are 42 different gift cards, each with a humorous tagline like “Even Snooki has a job.” The cards and the site are part of a larger ad campaign titled “Bloomberg Businessweek Gets You Ahead.”

Free Businessweek is nice, but it probably won’t help any of those 18 to 34 year olds actually get a job or their own place. But hey, they might as well have a good magazine to peruse while deepening the dent in the living room couch.