BusinessWeek: Mobile TV Signal in U.S. is Weak

BusinessWeek has a good report on how the mobile media revolution has yet to take off, as MediaFlo and similar video services have failed to attract many subscribers here in the U.S.

Despite all the hubbub last year about the launch of broadcast-capable mobile TV services, which look smoother than streamed services and don’t load down cellular data networks, not much has changed in the last 12 months. “Verizon Wireless is still the only commercial provider of MediaFlo service,” the article said, “and it has yet to disclose any data on customer usage.” Worse still, the carrier still only has four handsets that are compatible with it, while Sprint and AT&T have yet to release their own versions.

Lewis Ward, an IDC research manager, estimated in the report that Verizon Wireless “has only signed up tens of thousands of subscribers for the TV service so far.” So the article asks: does mobile TV have to be free before anyone really begins watching it in earnest?