Businessweek Cover Drama!

Today in Photoshopping News: how can an old-school magazine bring a little attention to itself in this tough market? With a semi-controversial cover! Our good friends at Fishbowl NY just revealed the answer to the question that kept our great nation on edge for the past two years: Whose digitally aged face will grace the next issue of Bloomberg Businessweek?

We feel like Mitt Romney is secretly pleased with the answer, because he looks a little rough here:

Ok, we take that back: Obama looks even worse.

Wow. We see a Just for Men contract in his future.

You know what, though? These images are very convincing, and he have to salute their designers. When we hear the word Photoshop, we usually think of artificially slender bodies gracing the cover of Self magazine. Nice move, Businessweek–you got our attention with this little “contest“. And your covers make a whole lot more sense than this doozy from the New York Post.

What does this headline even mean?