BusinessWeek Article On Contract Labor Shows The True State of the Economy

This piece from June 30, 2009 was’s most-read article yesterday. It’s a piece from June 30 about how companies, looking to get staffing back up yet stay flexible, are turning to contract workers. Nothing special, right?

Except that the comments page is filled with people looking for work.

Some of these people sound like they’d be posting comments on an article like this no matter what the state of the economy, like this guy: “hi i am looking for a new job got laid off from car dealership i worked there for fifteen years , i am unemployed now for a while i am going crazy!!!!!”

But some of these folks sound like otherwise totally rational people desperate to get leads, to get help, anywhere.

“I have been a freelance editor/proofreader for about 8 years now. Business has been lighter this year, but work is still coming in. I specialize in the social sciences and education. But I am looking to branch out into the arts and humanities. I am equally adept in the sciences and the arts. My bachelor’s degree is in music history and my master’s is in media studies. I am especially empathetic with books having a postmodern bent. I’m available for projects right now. Thanks.”

“I have been a professional muralist for 15 years. My website is [redacted]. In the past I was usually pretty busy but this recession has greatly affected my business. I travel all over the country and I have incredible work ethics. I specialize in large commercial projects: resort hotels, casinos, restaurants, spas, etc. and high-end residential. I have plenty of great references. If anyone knows of a business or someone who is looking for a really good muralist who works hard and has an incredible passion for changing ordinary spaces into beautiful, dimensional and elegant areas then please contact me through my website. Thanks!”

“I am 70 yrs. old. BA in Education. Want PT work. Do not need benifits [sic]. Orlando area. Basic computer skills. Nothing outdoors. Good command of English and perfect speaking/phone voice. Email me please.”

Guess that’s 10% unemployment for you.