BusinessWeek: Apple Must “Play Better With Others”

iphone4.jpgA new article in BusinessWeek said that in order for Apple to continue to thrive in both music and video downloads, the company must improve how it deals with content makers—or risk being left behind:

Experts say Apple will “need to improve relations with the folks who create the content to run on them, especially after the series of spats that marked 2007. Recall the refusal by Universal Music Group, the world’s largest record label, to re-up its long-term contract to supply music to Apple’s iTunes Store, or the move by General Electric’s NBC Universal to pull its TV shows from iTunes.”

Apple is showing signs of finally conceding, especially now that the record labels gave the company the collective middle finger and made DRM-free music tracks available in Amazon’s new MP3 store, despite the fact that Steve Jobs was the one who made the original, and very public, request to the labels in the first place.

Apple May Need to Play Better with Others [BusinessWeek]